Homes For Sale In Glencoe Alabama

Glencoe holds a special recognition among Alabama communities as a “City of Patriotism” designated by Governor Bob Riley in September 2003. This title was given by the state legislature in expressing their immense gratitude for the city’s outstanding display of patriotism. Each year on Memorial Day, Independence Day and Veteran’s Day the City of Glencoe and the Veterans of Foreign Wars Organization recognize and honor, through ceremony, 187 servicemen and women from Glencoe who served in the Military and fought in foreign wars such as WWI, WWII, Vietnam, and Korea. The ceremony is performed by displaying 187 flags with crosses bearing the names of those men and women who defended and preserved our nation before their passing.

Residential growth is on the rise in Glencoe with new subdivisions offering a wide range of housing opportunities. We offer our residents a safe, friendly community in which they can work, live, and play. Please visit Glencoe, a “City Of Patriotism” soon!